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Necos Novelas

Article-NecosNovelas Born and raised in a musical family in Maputo Mozambique, Neco together with his brothers and sisters were exposed to playing and dancing music from their early childhood as a lot of African traditional ceremonies involving music and dance rituals were daily practice.

Along their youth they got confronted with different rituals and music from other tribes. Later they also got involved with Western music through their participation in catholic church activities, experimenting new harmonies, forms, structures and musical concepts.

Played with Kapa Dech (Mozambique) where two of his songs where recorded in France by Lusafrica: Ngonane mis sinha and Kavata. From 1996 till 2001 he played with national and international musicians in Portugal when he formed the Neco and Friends Band. In the meantime his brothers got familiar with South(ern) African music while living in Johannesburg, playing with South African musicians. They accompanied the ex-bassist of the Tananas (Gito Baloi) amongst others. His sisters stayed in Mozambique, frequently invited to play with Mozambican musicians (backing vocals). Most recent was their contribution with backing vocals to a concert of Gilberto Gil.

In the Netherlands they give workshops to students and musicians about Mozambican music. They perform, playing their own compositions together with other resident musicians. This summer (2005) they will focus on record the tracks for finalizing their first disc.

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