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Orange Grove

From Rotterdam, Holland, the band Orange Grove is, in itself, a musical melting pot of cross-ocean influences synthesized in a positive, upbeat, reggae(ish) band.

Lead vocalist Michael Maidwell's rough yet tough voice, as well as Orange Grove's arrangements combining reggae, ska, rap and rock, define O.G. as a cutting edge band. Good lyrics, songwriting and a totally positive sound, makes listening to this band a feel good experience.

OG's music seems to strike a chord with a very broad audience, which is quite a feat for any band in this day and time. They have already established a loyal fan-base which has steadily been growing for over five years now. While on the mp3.com internet site a couple years back, they managed to amass over 200.000 downloads of their original songs, one of which stayed in the Reggae Top10 for over a year. Basically, on a relatively small scale, they have already proven themselves.

Keep an eye and ear open for this promising band. see them live. look for some of their music.for there is a very good chance you will not be disappointed.

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