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Dobet Gnahoré

Article-DobetGnahoreThere are some voices that only need a couple of minutes to put their audience under a spell. Dobet's voice is one of them. To attend a Dobet Gnahoré concert is to attend a complete performance where you'll see the full range of performing arts in action. Because Dobet is both a singer, dancer and percussionist who inherited the force of her master percussionist father, Boni Gnahoré. Because Dobet has spirit and passion, a powerful vital energy that is both vibrant and impatient but that is also full of charm and introspection. And you quickly wonder how to resist the force and diversity of her intonation, which can be both serious and deep as well as sharp and strident.

Dobet worked on different projects such as the creation with Ba Cissoko of "Le Cabaret Nomade" and "L'Entre Deux Monde". Her first CD entitled "Ano Neko", comprises songs recorded in Abidjan and others recorded in Belgium during the summer of 2003. Dobet sings from Mandingue melodies to Congolese rumba, from Ivory Coast Ziglibiti to Cameroon Bikoutsi, from Ghanian High-Life to Zulu choirs, their compositions, carried along with jazz-like sounds, are varied and colourful. The sanza, the balafon, the calebasse and bongos are brought in to support the guitar, the vocal backup and Dobet's warm and powerful voice ...

Dobet sings in a range of African languages including Bété, Fon, Baoule, Lingala, Malinke, Mina or Bambara, thereby reproducing the Pan-African tradition of the Ki Yi Mbock group. On stage, her voice, her charisma and her huge presence, the result of several years theatrical and choreographic work, has great audience appeal.

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