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Alison Hinds

The Queen of Soca is back

Article-AlisonHindsAlison Hinds is to SOCA music what Celia Cruz is to Cuban Salsa Music. She has dominated the Soca scene since 1996 as a lead vocalist in the band Square One, when she released Ragga Muffin and won the Roadmarch that year and again in 1997 she won the Party Monarch and Roadmarch with "In the Meantime".

Her charismatic persona filled with zest, sensuality and Caribbean sexiness makes everyone move something and eventually excite and evoke human reactions from waving your hand or rag to moving from left to right and backing up on your partner in a ritualistic celebration of life in the Caribbean.

With Square One, she has toured the Caribbean , USA , Canada , South America and some of Europe developing a solid fan base everywhere there is Caribbean community. Her love for music started as a toddler. At age four she was already entering contests in school and local community shows. It was 1993 when she won the Caribbean song contest with John King, (a Barbadian artist) performing a duet "Hold you in a Song". In 2003, she took time out to become a mother and gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

Cropover 2005 in Barbados, Alison Hinds returns with a brand new song "Roll It Gal" rolling all the way to the top of the charts in Barbados, Trinidad and spreading throughout the Caribbean like wildfire and was number #1 for ten (10) weeks on the Caribbean Countdown, on TEMPO, the new MTV networks channel that has won the hearts of the Caribbean people, being viewed in over 20 Caribbean countries.

This time Alison Hinds is on a Roll into the mainstream with the wave of fresh new sounds coming from the music of the SOuthern CAribbean .. SOCA. Her hit single "Roll It " is currently being played on Hot 97 (New York) and in the mix shows in the US along the eastern seaboard and had some outstanding sold out performances in London at the Stratford rex and moved the crowd of about ten thousand at Hyde Park, London on carnival day while her record ROLL IT GAL was the hit of the carnivals in London and Labor day in Brooklyn this year. ROLL is currently being played on FUNX radio in The Netherlands and other European countries are sure to follow real soon. The Queen is back to usher in SOCA to the masses in all territories worldwide. The Alison Hinds show is in currently in Trinidad for Carnival but will be on a "Roll" through the US , Europe , Canada and the Caribbean in 2007.

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