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Article-KidumBurundian master drummer, composer, arranger and singer Jean Pierre Nimbona, fondly known as Kidum, is a Nairobi-based artist whose infectious tunes have hooked legions of East African fans. In Burundi, Kidum is an icon of hope and reconciliation; in neighboring Rwanda, he is recognized as the 'homeboy.'

His secular-but-spiritual songs range from rocking zouk to acoustic classics, all featuring his vocal prowess. This is absolutely cool music from a musician who is ahead of his contemporaries as a composer and singer.

Listening to him strumming the guitar, it is inevitable that a sense of awe and admiration will instantly grip you. So because the skill and precision with which he plies his trade is simply amazing.

Kidum started playing the drum when he was 10 years old.He joined his first band Imvumero in 1986,later he formed his own band called Electric Power which only lasted for an year due to the war that broke out in Burundi.

Kidum left his home country and come to Kenya in 1995 when he joined the Hot Rod Band,he played for the band for a few years and formed his own band the Boda Boda. Kidum's first album was titled Yaramenje,followed by Shamba and Ishano. Some of his songs are 'Kundana','Umenikosea','Mapenzi'featuring Juliana Kanyomozi and 'Nitafanya' featuring Jay dee.