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Article-KrosfayaTwenty years is significant in any lifetime. In the lifetime of a band, it's phenomenal!

So is soca band krosfyah, which when it began 20 years ago, it's four founding members - Michael Agard, Tony Bailey, Felix Forde and Edwin Yearwood - had the vision for its lifetime. Felix can be credited with the band's name, which signifies integrated music influenced by Caribbean artistes (kros), and 'fyah' because they planned to do it hot!!

Like many bands of its day krosfyah had its genesis on the hotel circuit, but it quickly eclipsed that forum to become Barbados' leading band of the 90s. The evolution of krosfyah from playing covers for tourists on Barbados hotel circuit to touring the world and performing their original music for dignitaries like Louis Farrakhan occurred in a never-imagined short space of time.

Never before had soca sounded so cool! Lead vocalist Edwin, twinned with musical maestro Nicholas Brancker and Tony "Rebel" Bailey's added signature sound from the electric guitar, created an unmistakably identifiable sound – the krosfyah sound. Groovy tunes, coupled with sexy, haunting and racing lyrics put and kept the band at the top of their soca game. From the debut album "Ultimate Party" in 1994 to the last, "Kings of the Groove", in 2009, and scores of awards and accolades in between...The band's sophomore album "Ultimate Party - Pump Me Up" (1995) remains their biggest selling album and the title track won them a Gold award in Canada for high grossing sales.

1995 was a signature year for the band, and for soca music. Edwin's calypso three-peat – he was the first and only artiste to capture three calypso crowns in Barbados' competition in one year - catapulted them and their music to yet another level. They made soca music popular amongst the young people who had previously identified with the dancehall culture, but now had another sound with which they could identify and their very own band to champion the sound.

For the past two decades, krosfyah has been touring the world non-stop, inducing fans across three continents into a soca frenzy, flying high the Barbados flag and whether entertaining 20 or 20,000, krosfyah still always delivers an energized performance!